What not to do when cutting down a tree

What not to do when cutting down a tree

In plenty of previous articles, we’ve spoken about how to cut down a tree with a chainsaw, however in this article, we’ll be talking about what not to do. Whilst there is a lot to remember in terms of what to do, there is also a lot to remember in terms of what not to do. Most of the time, knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do. And this doesn’t just apply to chainsaws but to anything in life.

Today, TalkAboutTrees.org will be talking about the five most important things to keep in mind so you know what not to do when cutting down a tree.

What not to do when cutting down a tree

Neglect Safety

The first thing that you need to avoid at all costs is neglecting safety. Safety is always extremely important particularly when you you’re working with powerful tools that could easily cause a fatal injury.

The blades on this beast are sharp, and if you’re not careful, you could get a nasty cut. So make sure to wear gloves. These gloves need to be thick enough to not hurt you if a running blade does touch them. However, no gloves are sharp enough to protect you completely, so you still need to move you hands asap if they do touch.

And since you’ll have sawdust flying in your face, you will also need to make sure that you have goggles on to protect your eyes. Saw dust in the eyes can be deeply unpleasant, and in worst case scenarios can even cause blindness.

Cut horizontally all the way through

When you watch a typical film, or cartoon of a tree being cut down, the process is simple. You just turn on your chainsaw, and cut a horizontal line all the way through. Once you’ve done this, the tree will fall away from you, and it’s job done.

However, the real world is not a movie or a cartoon. This is an ineffective and dangerous method of cutting down a tree. When you do it this way, you will have zero control of when the tree will fall to the ground. This means that your chances of getting out of the way in time are reduced. It also means that you have no control where the tree falls. It might fall on you, or it might fall onto buildings, wires or other trees.

Cutting a tree down properly means cutting a notch on one side, and then cutting above the notch from the other side.

not to do when cutting down a tree

Push a tree

The third thing that you should never ever do when you’re cutting down a tree is push it. If you’re cutting a tree down properly, it will fall down in the planned direction, all by itself. If you need to give it a push, you’ve done something wrong.

It can also be very dangerous.

When you push it, you will not have control about which direction it falls in. If it falls in the wrong place, it could very well end with you being underneath it.

If it’s a small tree, landing on you would cause you to have an injury, it could be a scratch or it could be a broken arm or leg. However, if it’s a bigger tree, then it could cause your life to end.

Although it very rarely happens, people dying from being crushed by trees is not unheard of.

Force it to fall in one direction

Before you start cutting down a tree, you need to have a fall path planned. However, you cannot always rely on this plan working out all of the time. There are certain factors that you might not notice which could cause the tree to fall differently. The tree might have thicker branches on one side, the ground might be uneven, and strong winds could change things.

Whatever you do, don’t fore the tree to fall in one direction. This could be very dangerous. There is no safe way to make a tree fall down in a particular direction.

If you follow the correct steps when cutting down a tree, there is a large chance that it will fall in your planned direction anyway. But if it doesn’t, just let it happen. There’s nothing you can do without jeopardising your safety.

And safety always needs to come first.

Forget to check fall path

And the fifth and final thing that you should not do is forget to check the fall path. Trees can be very big and very heavy things. As a result, when they fall, they have the power to cause a lot of destruction. If they fall on a building, that building will be crushed, and most of what’s inside will be destroyed. If you manage to not kill anyone, you will be owing somebody a lot of money.

You also need to check there are no electrical wires in the way. If you do, you could cut off electricity from people’s homes and communities. If you do this, I very much doubt that you’re going to be popular with the people who’s electricity you’ve taken.

People obviously need to be out of the way when a tree falls down. Buildings and wires can be replaced, people cannot. So getting people out of the way is the most important.

Here are 5 more things not to do when cutting down a tree.

  • Cut a tree which does not belong to you, without gaining the permission from the owner of the tree.
  • Being silly or trying to be funny when you’re cutting down a tree.
  • Park your car too close to the tree you’ll be cutting down.
  • Cut down a tree with somebody in it.
  • Holding your chainsaw wrong.

And those are 10 things that you should not do when you’re cutting down a tree. Following these rules will help ensure that you’re working as safely as you possibly can.

Even if you follow these rules, you should always work with caution in mind.

But don’t forget to enjoy the experience and when the job is done, enjoy either the product you make or the money you earn.

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