How to cut down a tree with a chainsaw

How to cut down a tree with a chainsaw

 Cutting down a tree is the only way that you will be able to turn that tree into a lovely table or cabinet. And the best way to do that is with a chainsaw.

In this article, will be talking about how to cut down a tree using a chainsaw. We’ll be exploring the correct techniques that you should be using to get it done as smoothly as possible, as well as making sure you do it safely. When it’s all finished, you will have an enormous sense of pride, and be able to look at your timber knowing that you were the one who cut it down.

How to cut down a tree with a chainsaw

Step One

Before you get cutting, you need to get all of your safety stuff sorted. This means protecting both yourself and those around you. Make sure you wear all the protective gear such as gloves and goggles. But you also need to make sure that wherever the tree falls, it will not hurt anyone or damage anything. So make sure there are no buildings, wires or people in any pathway that the tree might fall. Once you’re certain that everything is safe, it’s almost time for you to get cutting. But still, be careful!

Step Two

Before you turn on your saw, you’ll need to ensure that you have it all planned out, you need to try and figure out what direction the tree will be falling in. This way you can do minimal damage to the other trees so that you can either cut them down another time, or let somebody else have the joy of cutting them down.

However, you need to be prepared for if this fails. If the tree falls down in an unplanned direction, you will need to know what to do in this situation. That’s all part of safety.

Step Three

At the bottom of the tree, you may very well find a bit of mess. This will need to be cleared up before you will be able to cut this tree down with the maximum safety. Items such as rocks can easily be picked up, and moved out of the way. However, if it’s a bush, then you might need to to to get our your gardening tools and cut it up so that you can move it out of the way. This will now mean that you can stand close enough to the tree to cut it down safely.

Step Four

Now it’s time to get your chainsaw revving, and make the first cut. Make sure to be careful as chainsaws can be incredibly dangerous machines that have the potential to cause serious damage. The first cut that you need to make should go through about ¼ of the diameter of the tree, and it should be cut at an upward angle of about 70 degrees. Then take your chainsaw out, and prepare to make the next cut, if you’re feeling tired, then make sure to take a break. Tiredness is a very common cause of injury. Tired people should not be cutting trees.

Step Five

Once you’ve rested, and you’re reading to get cutting again, it’s time for you to make the second cut. This cut will need to come from above the first one, and go down diagonally until you have reached the first cut. When this happens, the wedge which you have created should fall straight out. If you’ve done it properly, you should now have a small wedge in the tree. This is going to be the point that gets weak when the tree comes to falling down. And once again, if you’re feeling tired, you need to take a break.

Step Six

If you’re cutting down a tree, of course, you will want it come down. But you want it to come down when you want it to come down, not before. Having said that, if it does fall before you expect, you need to know what to do in this situation and have a plan B in place.

But to make sure it falls in the direction that you want it to, you will need to insert a wedge into the wedge in the tree you’ve just made. Usually, this wedge will be made out of plastic. It will help the tree stay up until it’s time for it to fall.

Step Seven

To make the final cut, you will need to move yourself to the other side of the tree. At this other side, you will need to cut in a horizontal straight line. Make sure you do it just above the wedge, taking extra care not to cut through the wedge itself. Doing this is going to make where the wedge is so weak that it will not be able to support the tree, and as a result fall down, in the pathway that you had planned at the beginning. Just make sure you’re out of the way when it does fall down.

Step Eight

When the tree on the ground, you might think it’s time for you to put your chainsaw away. However, this is not the case at all. You need to use your saw to cut off the branches. As with the other cuts, when you cut off the branches, you will need to make sure that you keep safety in mind and do everything you can to not hurt yourself.

By the time you’re finished, you should be left with a branchless tree on the ground. And that will be the job done!

And that’s how you cut down a tree using a chainsaw. Before you get started make sure you have all the right safety gear on, and nothing will get damaged, even if it falls in a different direction than you had planned.

You will then need to clear the area so that you can get close enough to the tree.

The first cut should be about 70 degrees about ¼ of the diameter of the tree. You should then make another cut from above. Then insert the wedge, go to the other side, and finish the job. As soon as you’ve cut off all the branches, it’s job done.

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