Who Makes Echo Chainsaws?

The Echo Chainsaws are manufactured by the Echo Corporation of the United States, a company based at Lake Zurich in Illinois State. Apart from the Echo Chainsaws, the corporation is known to have invested in other hand-held and petrol-powered machines and tools such as the chainsaws, the hedge trimmers, brush cutters, and leaf blowers which are manufactured in the partner corporation headquartered in Yokosuka and Morioka in Japan. Apart from Illinois, some other plants in the world are operated from Shenzhen in China. The Echo Corporation was earlier known as the Kioritz Corporation while it was run from Tokyo Japan and its major products included agricultural machinery and outdoor machinery.

The ECHO Chainsaws are famous American hand-tools that have become a brand right from the moment they began supplies from the Home Depot. However, it is majorly based at Illinois where the main centre or plant is located. It is strictly currently an American brand despite the fact that its earlier ownership was attributed to the Japanese company. ECHO was officially founded in the year 2008 on December 1st.

Who Makes Echo Chainsaws

Changes in Developers

Kyoritsu Noki Company was the first company incorporated in Japan in the year 1965 for purposes of manufacturing the Echo-CS-60 Models. That was the first model produced amongst the Echo chainsaws.

In later years such as the late 1970s in ’78, the Echo Incorporated the famous Kioritz Corporation of America as a major branch or subsidiary. It later made changes that were tailored to reflect the Echo brand, which was then becoming a popular brand in American households. The new name that was introduced for this chainsaw producer or manufacturer was the ECHO Incorporated but the major operating partner in Japan is the Kioritz Corporation of Japan.

The Yamabiko Corporation was developed in 2008 after the Incorporation of Kioritz and Shindaiwa Corporations to serve as a major holding company, specifically names the Yamabiko Corporation for this very purpose. The new brand operates as an integration of both, especially the ECHO brand.

Yamabiko Corporation

On the other hand, the Kioritz Corporation was developed as a Japanese world-based manufacturer of agricultural tools, machinery, forestry machinery, and outdoor power equipment. It is regarded as the first company to produce the Echo Chainsaws after its initial incorporation in 1947 in Japan. The earlier developers and founders of the Echo were brothers, the Asamoto Brothers who had invested heavily in agriculture, but changed years later to work under the title Kyoritsu Noki Company, later transformed to the Kioritz Corporation, the first producer of the ECHO XF-302 Chainsaws. This is regarded as the first of a kind professional chainsaw. The product was so interesting for its distinct performance and it was from 1978 that the company started trading under the brand Echo Brand till date.

ECHO Chainsaws as a Brand

A key characteristic of the ECHO Chainsaw is its revolutionary engine-powered manually operated crop dusters, a major milestone for the Echo Corporation. This company has been in the concentrated production of the ECHO Products right from 1960 when it launched the production of mist blowers, the pest-controlled machinery, power dusters, and all manner of important chainsaws that work under the principles of the Echo products.

In 1960, Echo produced the earlier forms of the chainsaws pioneered by Kyoritsu Noki that came up with the brush cutters then in three years’ time, it had come up with the ECHO CS-80, branded as the first of a kind in a different kind of chainsaws. That has been a brand name to date despite the many changes that users would wish to be included in the products of the Echo Corporation. Ten years later, the Echo products were revolutionized under the new PB-9 tools and machinery as attributed to the Kyoritsu. PB-9 is a known backpack power blower that works within the same principles.

The ECHO brand and products that are hand-held and petrol-powered have been known to be a revolutionary chainsaw. Others are the trimmers, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, and brush cutters. Some of these Echo-based products are produced by the sister partners Morioka and Yokosuka plants located in both Lake Zurich in Illinois and Shenzhen in China.

Morioka and Yokosuka

What about The Shindaiwa Incorporated?

Apart from the ECHO Chainsaws produced above, the Shindaiwa Incorporated operates as one of the leading global-based manufacturer of agricultural machinery, forestry machinery, welding machines, generators, and outdoor powered equipment. Moreover, Shindaiwa produces industrial and electrical products that are used in collaboration with the Echo produced hand tools. In 2008, Shindaiwa was merged with the Kioritz Corporation, leading to the formation of the larger Yamabiko Corporation. From Hiroshima, Shenzhen, Yokosuka, Morioka, and Lake Zurich, ECHO has become a brand.


From the moment it was incorporated, the ECHO has worked hard to continue its production and maintenance of a stronghold in the production of hand-held agricultural and forest machinery. It has undoubtedly maintained a strong foothold in the industry as far as the production of chainsaws is concerned. It has maintained a strong production that is considered technologically advanced and solid for purposes of ensuring a healthy business environment even as it tries to manage the competition in the market.

ECHO is regarded as a being a no stranger as far as innovation is concerned and its research while it produces its special chainsaws has seen it remain a leader in research, engineering, efficiency, and pioneering of products that meet the specific needs of the global market.  ECHO indeed remains one of the rare and most-sought chainsaws in terms of engines, protection of the environment, maintenance of quality, and performance.